Paula Weston Interview

21 Jul, 2013 by

Paula Weston Interview

Paula Weston is a Brisbane-based author whose debut novel, Shadows, the first in her YA The Rephaim series, saw Gaby Winters discover that her life is a lie. That she is not human, but one of the Rephaim, the children of fallen angels. She also met Rafa, the gorgeous, dangerous boy who stalks her nightmares. In Haze, the recently released second book in the series, Gaby and Rafa set out to find her twin brother, Jude, whom she saw die in a car crash one year earlier. But other forces are at work, demanding Gaby tell them things that she can’t remember.

Paula joins Amy Stevenson to talk about angels, twins and urban fantasy. Originally broadcast on 18/07/2013. Haze is out through Text.


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