Gabriel Roth Interview

5 Aug, 2013 by

Gabriel Roth Interview

Gabriel Roth has been a reporter and editor for the San Francisco Bay Guardian and more recently, a writer and software developer, and The overarching theme of his debut novel, The Unknowns, is information.

The main character, Eric Muller, is a programmer who has made millions off the sale of a program that tracks the details of users online. The title itself comes from a Donald Rumsfeld quote, sometimes classed as existential poetry, which in a condensed form states that there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. And the personal dynamics at the heart of the novel are defined by not just what is unknown, but what is unknowable in others. It’s a frequently insightful look at a man who never becomes completely comfortable with others, and at the mistakes that are too easy to make when working with imperfect assumptions.

Gabriel joined Sky Kirkham to talk about programming, relationships and data collection. Originally broadcast on 01/08/2013, The Unknowns is out through Text Publishing.

Not mentioned in the interview, but please be aware that The Unknowns requires a trigger warning for content relating to child abuse and recovered memories.


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