Lucy Neave Interview

9 Sep, 2013 by

Lucy Neave Interview

Lucy Neave has published shorter fiction in the likes of Southerly and Overland, and teaches creative writing at the Australian National University after a completing an MFA at a university in America on a Fulbright scholarship. Her debut, Who We Were, is an intriguing one – incredibly broad in scope, but tight in focus.

The story begins in pre-WWII Australia, with the tale of young love between Annabel, our protagonist, and Bill, her much more political partner. It follows them into the aftermath of the war and across the seas to America, where they’re involved in top-secret research against the background of the McCarthy era, where suspicions and mistrust run deep. It examines the power that secrets and fear can hold on one’s life and ways them up against the love and passions they can destroy.

Lucy joined Sky Kirkham to discuss America, paranoia, science and trust. Originally broadcast on 05/09/2013. Who We Were is out via Text Publishing.


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