Eleanor Catton Interview

20 Sep, 2013 by

Eleanor Catton Interview

Eleanor Catton has had a remarkable start to her career. Her first novel, The Rehearsal, written when she was 22, was picked up by Granta and then went on to be shortlisted for the Guardian Best First Book award and longlisted for the Orange Prize. The reception for her sophomore work, The Lumanaries, has been even better – capturing well-deserved glowing reviews and landing as one of the favourites on the shortlist for the Man Booker, the youngest-ever author to make that list.

The Lumanaries is a remarkable work – an 800 page mystery in Victorian style, it’s structured around astrological charts – each chapter shrinking in half, following the phases of the moon – and explores the complex webs of connections between a large group of men and women on the gold fields of New Zealand in 1866.

Eleanor joined Sky Kirkham to talk mystery, anachronisms and magic tricks. Originally broadcast on 19/09/13. The Luminaries is out via Allen & Unwin.


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