Kathryn Heyman Interview

22 Nov, 2013 by

Kathryn Heyman Interview

When your debut is longlisted for the Orange Prize, it sets a high bar to live up to, but over four more novels and numerous radio plays, Kathryn Heyman has set about proving that that first novel was no fluke.

In Floodline, her fifth novel, Heyman follows two threads that slowly weave together. Gina is a nurse in Roselands, a major hospital in Horneville, a city hit by a historic flood. Mikey and her children Talent and Mustard are members of NuDay, an evangelical church that was on its way to evangelise at the city’s Mardi Gras, and instead decide to take advantage of the flood. It’s a visceral and touching book that examines fundamentalism, morality, family and disaster.

Kathryn joined Sky Kirkham to talk about charismatic religion, outsiders, and hard decisions. Originally broadcast 21/11/2013. Floodline is out now through Allen & Unwin.


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