Mark Mulholland Interview

21 Mar, 2014 by

Mark Mulholland Interview

Over there are two tribes, two peoples. One tribe are the children of neglect. They are locked in the attic and left to a neighbour’s care. It is an act of abondment. But for the other tribe it is even worse. The other people are the orphans of history. They are nobody’s children.

What defines a man? Is it the overall shape of a life, or the individual moments? The insignificant kindnesses, or the significant cruelties? A study of character, both of the individual and country, A Mad and Wonderful Thing, is the debut novel by Mark Mulholland and traces the life of Johnny Donnelly, a charismatic and philosophical young man from Dundalk, who begins the novel happily falling in love with the beautiful Cora Flannery. But this is Ireland during The Troubles, and Johnny, the source of that opening quote, is also involved with the IRA.

Mark joined Sky Kirkham to discuss Ireland, the choices boys make, and his own family. Originally broadcast on 20/03/2014. A Mad and Wonderful Thing is out through Scribe.


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