Sian Prior Interview

18 Jul, 2014 by

Sian Prior Interview

Social interaction seems to be a key part of almost any job these days, and then there’s parties, dating, gigs – all kinds of social events just waiting to fill the remaining hours. For the estimated 40% of the population that suffers from some form of shyness, these ostensibly fun events can turn into an endurance test. And for the 5% that qualify as socially phobic it can be almost unbearable. It’s hard enough to meet new people without having to worry about blushing, an increased pulse rate, and a litany of awkward ‘what ifs’ rolling around your head. What if they hate me? What if I say something stupid?

Our guest today isn’t someone you would guess has suffered from social anxiety. Over the course of her career, she’s been a radio broadcaster, a newspaper columnist, a university lecturer, a singer – but in her recently released memoir, simply titled Shy, Sian Prior exposes the gap between that public persona and her private life. It’s a remarkable book: a deeply personal look at her own life, as well as an examination of what it means to be shy.

Sian talked to Sky Kirkham about fleeing parties, making friends at band camp, and how talking to 10,000 people can seem easier than talking to 2. Originally broadcast 18/07/2014. Shy is out through Text Publishing.



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