Jeanette Winterson Interview

29 Aug, 2014 by

Jeanette Winterson Interview

Jeanette Winterson’s debut novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, won the Whitbread award, and critical acclaim. Since then, she’s written another 20 odd books, She has been made an OBE for her writing, and she is the professor of creative writing at Manchester University.

In Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, Winterson returns to the material of her debut, turns her keen eye directly on herself and looks back at her own life. Adopted as a baby by working class Pentacostal parents, who believed in the literal word of the bible, she struggled with a mother who seemed deeply unhappy with herself, with life, and with her adoptive daughter. It’s a book that looks at being defined by the people around you and about choosing to define yourself.

Jeanette spoke to Sky Kirkham in the fields at Byron Bay Writers Festival about language, poetry, and the power of libraries. Originally broadcast 28/08/2014. Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal is out through Random House.


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