Lorelei Vashti Interview

18 Sep, 2014 by

Lorelei Vashti Interview

Several years ago, I was swapping recommendations with a friend: books, music and films and the like, and the one suggestion that really stuck with me, because it was such an unusual concept, was a blog. A friend of hers, Lorelei Vashti, had set up a website where she was creating a memoir of sorts, snapshot memories of her life based around a selection of the dresses she’d worn. Cut forward to the present day, and that blog has evolved, mutated, expanded, and become a wonderful book titled Dress, Memory. More memoir than it was before, Lorelei still examines the memories her dresses contain, and the way they have influenced her life, but she also writes a lot more about herself, with beautiful prose and startling honesty.

In addition to her blog and the new book, Lorelei has worked as an editor and a journalist, acted and sung, traveled the world, and served coffee to the rich and famous in NY.

Lorelei joined Sky Kirkham to chat about performing, traveling, and shaping your life into a story. Originally broadcast 11/09/2014. Dress, Memory is out through Allen & Unwin.


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