David Finkel Interview

24 Sep, 2014 by

David Finkel Interview

Over the course of the Iraq war, and the subsequent occupation of the country, around 2 million American soldiers were deployed. It was a terrible conflict, with staggering losses for Iraq, and almost 4500 American casualties. The coalition has withdrawn its forces now, having finally acceded to public sentiment and the will of the Iraqi government, but many of the soldiers that served during the war are still trapped by their time there.

Pulitzer prize-winning author and journalist David Finkel spent time in 07/08 embedded with the second battalion, 16th infantry regiment in Iraq, chronicling them and their experiences in his book The Good Soldiers. Now, he has looked at what happens when those men return home: the way their experience has changed them, and how they, and their families cope with those changes and try to recover their previous lives. The new book is Thank You For Your Service. It was a finalist in the National Book Critics Circle award, and is an amazing, empathetic account of damage, recovery, and life.

David talked to Sky Kirkham at the Byron Bay Writers Festival about suicide, recovery programs, and the familes themselves. Originally broadcast 18/09/2014. Thank You For Your Service is out through Scribe.


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