Wayne Macauley Interview

21 Oct, 2014 by

Wayne Macauley Interview

In Demons, the new novel by Wayne Macauley, a small group of friends, middle-aged and largely successful, go away together for the weekend. Megan, a documentary film maker, has convinced them all to leave behind their phones, their laptops, their daily lives, and to come and be present in the moment. Over meals and wine, they will each tell a story, a relaxing way to reconnect with each other. But their stories reflect the concerns they’re each wrestling with, and the outside world isn’t so easy to leave behind.

Wayne Macauley is the author of numerous short stories, has worked as a writer and director in the theatre, and has published three previous novels. Wayne last joined us to talk about The Cook, his previous novel, which went on to be short-listed for numerous Australian literary awards. He joined Sky Kirkham to discuss integrity, narcissism, and examining the idea of stories. Originally broadcast 09/10/2014. Demons is out through Text Publishing.


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