Luke Ryan Interview

5 Nov, 2014 by

Luke Ryan Interview

Luke Ryan is doing pretty well for someone in his late twenties. He’s written for The Guardian, Smith Journal, The Vine, The Lifted Brow. He’s had a successful run as a stand-up comedian, and regularly sells out shows with his comedic group, The Lords of Luxury. He’s also had cancer. Twice. Luke’s firsst run-in with cancer was when he was 11. A dull pain behind his knee gradually became sharper and more consistent, and when growing pains no longer seemed an adequate explanation, an x-ray gave the answer: there was an osteogenic sarcoma hiding behind the joint. After a year of dealing with chemotherapy and its side effects, and then surgery and its side effects, Luke was pronounced cured. Life went back to normal, more or less. Luke grew up, moved to Melbourne, completed university, and then at 22 he noticed a gradually growing pain, in his back this time. A different cancer: sarcoma again, but this time in his lungs. But now he was an adult, so in addition to the normal treatment regime of chemo and radiation therapy, there was also humour and the occasional bout of heavy drinking.

Luke has written a wonderfully entertaining memoir of these times called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chemo. He joined Sky Kirkham to talk about cancer, controlling the narrative, and investigating your own life. Originally aired 23/10/2014. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chemo is out through Affirm Press.


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