Nadia Dalbuono Interview

5 Nov, 2014 by

Nadia Dalbuono Interview

Crime readers are well acquainted with the dark back alleys of London and Scotland, the mean streets of New York, and the glittering underbelly of LA. Even Scandinavia’s dark fictional secrets have recently been exposed to the world. Italy however is a country we know in crime fiction mostly through its influence on other places: the power of the mafia reaching out. Well now Nadia Dalbuono’s debut novel, The Few, is taking us inside the country. Detective Leone Scamarcio is the son of a former leading Mafioso, but he’s left that behind to become a detective, young and successful, a member of the Flying Squad. But when his boss hands him a folder of photos, compromising images of a government minister, and asks him to keep the investigation off the books, it looks like he may have been set up to fall.

Nadia has previously worked as a documentary director and consultant for the likes of National Geographic, Channel 4, and ITV, and this debut novel clearly announces the arrival of a new talent. Nadia talked to Sky Kirkham about Italy, the mafia, and the importance of creeping dread. Originally broadcast 23/10/2014. The Few is out through Scribe.


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