Lauren Beukes Interview

20 Jun, 2015 by

Lauren Beukes Interview

Lauren Beukes is the author of three previous novels: the dystopian Moxieland, the black-magic noir Zoo City, and the time-travelling crime novel The Shining Girls. Her oeuvre which also includes writing for screen and comics, non-fiction and journalism has landed her an Arthur C. Clarke Award and a University of Johannesburg Prize, amongst other.

Her latest novel, Broken Monsters, begins with the discovery of a body. Although murders happen every day in Detroit, the corpse of Daveyton Lafonte still causes ripples. Joined below the waist to the body of a deer, Daveyton’s hybridised corpse and the bodies that follow it inexorably draw the citizens and the city of Detroit towards the threshold of a dark dream.

Lauren joined Samuel Finegan in the studio to talk about the potential and limitations of technology and the supernatural. Broken Monsters is available through Harper Collins.


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