Rohan Wilson Interview

20 Jun, 2015 by

Rohan Wilson Interview

Rohan Wilson’s debut novel, The Roving Party, took us back to 1829, to Tasmania, to the infamous Black War that saw the indigenous population hunted and killed. It was a remarkable work, that won The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award, the Margaret Scott Prize, and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award.

His new novel, To Name Those Lost, brings us back to Tasmania, forty-five years on. The state has changed, become more settled, but the threat of violence is still a constant presence in the lives of Rohan Wilson’s characters. William Toosey, a boy of twelve, returns home to find his mother dying on the floor of their home. His father, Thomas Toosey, sets off home to find his boy, but Thomas is a dangerous man: blooded in the Black war, imprisoned for a terrible crime, and he brings trouble following in his footsteps.

Rohan joined Sky Kirkham to talk about violence, an emerging police force, and business bailouts in the 1800s. Originally broadcast 20/11/2014. To Name Those Lost is out through Allen and Unwin.


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