Maggie Joel Interview

20 Jun, 2015 by

Maggie Joel Interview

The Jarmyn’s are a happy and successful family, with wealth and privilege that few enjoy in 1880s London. Lucas Jarmyn’s father founded a railway, and it has let Lucas and his family live a comfortable existence. But everything has fallen apart. Their youngest daughter, Sophia, has died. And while the parents are lost in grief, the remaining children and left to founder. Meanwhile, Lucas’ once successful railway is facing legal hearings after a long string of deaths on the line.

Both of Maggie Joel’s earlier books have met with critical acclaim, and her previous novel, The Second Last Woman in England won the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction. The new work is called Half the World in Winter.

Maggie talked to Sky Kirkham about setting, mourning rituals and the unusual ways that people died in Victorian England. Originally broadcast 27/11/2014. Originally broadcast 27/11/2014. Half the World in Winter is out through Allen and Unwin.


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