Debi Marshall Interview

20 Jun, 2015 by

Debi Marshall Interview

The Family Court is a relatively recent development in Australia’s legal system, created by the Whitlam government in 1976. At the same time, Australia’s laws around divorce changed and the no-fault divorce was created. Then, between 1980 and and 1985 a series of seemingly connected murders and bombings ripped through NSW, including several targeted at judges on that newly created court. Despite the high-profile nature of the attacks, no one was ever charged.

Debi Marshall is an investigative journalist, who works with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program. She’s written four previous true crime novels and won the Ned Kelly Award for best true crime for her work on Snowtown. So when the show was sent an email declaring that the true killer in this case was still walking the streets, Debi set to work unravelling the facts. She sets them out in her new book, The Family Court Murders.

Debi talked to Sky Kirkham about the details of the case, her own investigation, and the man that the evidence points to. Originally broadcast 27/11/2014. The Family Court Murders is out through Random House.


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