Megan McGrath Interview

20 Jun, 2015 by

Megan McGrath Interview

What are the stories that define a country? Are they cultural? Political? Historical? Is it only the great moments of heroism or loss that illuminate our nature, or do the smaller moments also expose who we are, and who we have been? That’s part of what Griffith Review are looking at in their latest collection: The Novella Project II: Forgotten Stories.

In this collection, Megan McGrath has given us the story of Rick, a whaler on Stradbroke Island in the 1960s, towards the end of that period. Megan is an award-winning short-story writer, and this is her first novella.

Megan joined Sky Kirkham in the studio to chat about charting the shifting personality of Stradbroke through fiction. The Novella Project II was published as an issue of Griffith Review.


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