Robyn Windshuttle Interview

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Robyn Windshuttle Interview

For Robyn Windshuttle dance lessons were initially a fun escape, a convenient break from a difficult home life, but dancing quickly became much more than that: it became a passion. Her talent eventually took her all around the world, dancing in Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and along the way, Robyn even worked at the famous Moulin Rouge, and Crazy Horse Saloon.
Her travels also introduced her to Daniel. Daniel was a handsome and charming Colombian, with an expensive camera, who Robyn assumed made his living through his photography. Robyn fell deeply in love with him, and along the way discovered that Daniel was actually importing cocaine into Europe. It led to a tumultuous decade, that she has chronicled in her fascinating memoir Dancing with a Cocaine Cowboy.

Robyn Windshuttle chatted to Sky Kirkham about growing up on the beaches of Northern Sydney, her first break, and the subtlety of  good cocaine. Originally broadcast on 18/12/2014. Dancing With A Cocaine Cowboy is out via Allen and Unwin.


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