Chigozie Obioma Interview

15 Sep, 2015 by

Chigozie Obioma Interview

When Benjamin’s father is transferred by his work to the city of Yola, his commanding presence in the house fades and the discipline he invoked is removed. Benjamin and his three older brothers run loose after school and begin to fish in the Omi-Ala, a river that was once-revered but now is filthy and considered cursed. It is there that the brothers meet Abulu, a local madman, and there that they hear the prophecy that begins to break apart their companionship and set them on a dangerous path.

The Fishermen is the debut novel by Chigozie Obioma, but it’s a debut that stamps his authority, his voice, on the world of literature. It’s been heralded by critics the world over, and has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

When Chigozie was in town for the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival he spoke to Sky Kirkham about family, politics, and the audacity of prose. Originally broadcast 20/07/15. The Fishermen is out through Scribe.


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