Johann Hari Interview

23 Sep, 2015 by

Johann Hari Interview

The war on drugs. It feels like it’s been with us forever, and even as some battles are ceded, new fronts open up. Reefer madness gives way to lsd mania; crack taking over our streets segues into the ice epidemic.

Punishment, we are told, is necessary to stop the moral decay, or the health threat, or the challenge to public order – depending where we are, and in what era.

But if you haven’t done illegal drugs, there’s a good chance you know someone who has. Do they deserve jail? Do you?

In Chasing the Scream, Johann Hari, an award-winning British journalist has turned his eye to the problems in this war, and searched for the solution. And he sat down with Sky Kirkham to explain why compassion and connection is the safest way forward for everyone.

Originally broadcast 10/09/15. Chasing the Scream is out through Bloomsbury.


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