Erik Jensen Interview

28 Sep, 2015 by

Erik Jensen Interview

These days, in the old-age of his mid-twenties, Erik Jensen is the founding editor of The Saturday Paper – but when he was nineteen, Jensen was a fledgling journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald. On assignment, he went out to interview the artist, Adam Cullen. Something clicked, and Cullen invited Jensen to write his memoir; there was a book deal lined up, he just needed a writer he trusted.

Cullen had been a media darling, even before he won the Archibald for his portrait of David Wenham, but where Cullen’s art was hailed and sometimes derided for the faux-naivety of his work, Cullen himself was a very complex character, layered under roles he had chosen to play. Which is to say that it seemed entirely reasonable that Cullen would have a publishing deal. He didn’t. But the story has made it to print in the end, in Acute Misfortune.

Erik Jensen joined Sky Kirkham at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival to talk art, memoir, and finding the truth behind the roles. Originally broadcast on 17/09/2015. Acute Misfortune is out through Black Inc.


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