Tim Griffiths Interview

28 Sep, 2015 by

Tim Griffiths Interview

Do you remember the iconic photos of the Shackleton expedition to the South Pole? The ship trapped in ice. The explorers eventually returning alive and well to Elephant Island. They were taken by a man named Frank Hurley – the expedition’s photographer.

What about the shots of Australian soldiers from World War 1? Sunlight breaking through clouds on a charnel ground. Frank Hurley – the official photographer with the A.I.F.

The wreck of the Gratitude from the Mawson expedition? Hurley again…

But who was this man, who documented so many defining moments of history? Where is he in the stories that we tell? Hurley was a brilliant photographer, but a difficult man, and his tendency to clash with those around him found him set aside, even as his images were embraced.

Well, the story of Hurley has now been told in a new novel by Tim Griffiths called Endurance. Tim joined Sky Kirkham to chat about composition, adventure, and the life and times of Frank Hurley. Originally broadcast on 24/09/15. Endurance is out through Allen & Unwin.


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