Antonia Hayes Interview

13 Oct, 2015 by

Antonia Hayes Interview

Antonia Hayes joined Sky Kirkham at the Queensland Museum as part of the Brisbane Writers’ Festival.

In Relativity, Ethan is a twelve year-old boy, with a preternatural knowledge of physics, and the social awkwardness that usually comes with a preternatural knowledge of physics. His mother, who he lives with, is Claire, a former ballet dancer. His father is an absence. A question that he doesn’t really know how to ask. And that’s because when he was a baby, Ethan almost died. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with ‘shaken baby syndrome’, and Mark, the father, was held responsible for the damage against his son. But now Mark is back in town, and Ethan is suffering from seizures that may be linked back to his infancy. And so it seems that secrets must be revealed, and unasked questions answered.

This is actually the third incarnation of our professional relationship with Antonia Hayes. In the first, she was a publicist, championing the work of other people to those like us around the country and selling us on the virtues of some truly great writers. In the second, Antonia was the co-director of the National Young Writers Festival – again, championing the work of other people, and providing a stage for some of the best up-and-coming voices in the country. So we were thrilled that in the third incarnation, we got to turn the spotlight on Antonia and champion her work.

Originally broadcast 01/10/2015. Relativity is out through Penguin.


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