SJ Watson Interview

13 Oct, 2015 by

SJ Watson Interview

How much can we trust what we see online? In a society where identity gives way to pseudo-anonymity, does the freedom to be ourselves become the freedom to be someone else?

When Julia’s estranged sister, Kate, is murdered in a seemingly random mugging in Paris, the police draw a blank. Julia has a feeling that the murder may have been targeted, and so she begins to investigate herself – taking on her sister’s identity on the online dating sites that Kate used to frequent. But as investigation gives way to intimacy, Julia risks breaking apart her family, with no guarantee of any answers.

S.J. Watson’s first novel, Before I Go to Sleep, examined the power of memory and the terror of its loss. It sold more than four million copies, and was turned into a blockbuster starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. The new book, Second Life, takes on questions of identity, of technology, and of the traces we leave behind…

While Steve was in Brisbane, he spoke to Sky Kirkham about the nature of identity, and whether the connected world has its own unique horror. Originally broadcast 08/10/2015. Second Life is out through Text Publishing.


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