Matthew Condon Interview

28 Oct, 2015 by

Matthew Condon Interview

Bribery, blackmail, illegal prostitution and gambling – the corruption in Queensland in the 70s and 80s ran ever deeper, overseen by the highest echelons of the police force.

In fact, that system of corruption, exposed by the Fitzgerald Inquiry, stretched all the way to the top – to Police Commissioner Terry Lewis. It even had a name, ‘The Joke’, and it defined the culture of the force – even for the majority of honest coppers who weren’t involved. Anyone who pushed too hard, who tried to expose what was happening, was demoted, driven out or thrown in jail themselves.

Over three books, Matt Condon has been writing the history of Lewis, and of The Joke – and now, in the final volume, All Fall Down, Matt documents the downfall of those involved, and the hubris that brought them low.

Matt joined Sky Kirkham for an extended conversation about the book and Queensland’s history. Originally broadcast 15/10/15. All Fall Down is out via UQP.


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