Tim Flannery Interview

2 Nov, 2015 by

Tim Flannery Interview

The shift away from fossil fuels has begun. It may be somewhat chaotic – accompanied by cries of rage from entrenched interests, and a lack of international agreement – but it is still happening.

Even in Australia, where climate science has been largely ignored for the last few years, the Federal government has appointed a new Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, who has advocated an end to coal-power.

A decade ago, acclaimed scientist Tim Flannery published The Weather Makers, where he predicted the consequences of climate change and discussed possible solutions.

Ten years later, we have a clearer view of those consequences – some have already occurred – but we still need a solution. In his new book, Atmosphere of Hope, Tim looks at the emerging technologies that he believes could help protect the planet and prevent the worst effects of years of inaction.

Tim spoke to Sky Kirkham at the 2015 Brisbane Writers Festival, and spoke about ten years of change, the economic problems of nuclear, and the potential of coffee grounds. Originally broadcast 29/10/2015. Atmosphere of Hope is out through Text Publishing.


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