Todd Alexander Interview

2 Nov, 2015 by

Todd Alexander Interview

How much do the choices of others shape the way we choose to live our lives? When Katherine Hepburn was a teenager, her older brother, Tom, committed suicide. It was an event that changed the course of her adolescence – how could it not? Decades later, that story, those choices, also have a major impact on Tom Houghton, a young, movie obsessed boy, growing up in Western Sydney.

In the novel Tom Houghton, we see Tom at two different stages of his life. As a young boy with dreams of the movies, uncertainty about his sexuality, and a mother struggling with mental illness. And as an older man: a middling success in the world of theatre, with several close friends, a distant daughter, and a tendency towards drink. Each must find a way to deal with the choices they have made, and the choices that are made for them.

Todd Alexander chatted to Sky Kirkham about acting, identity, and voice. Originally broadcast 22/10/2015. Tom Houghton is out through Simon & Schuster.


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