David Mitchell Interview

14 Nov, 2015 by

David Mitchell Interview

David Mitchell’s six novels have crossed the boundaries of genre, encompassing elements as diverse as detective fiction, sci-fi, and memoir. He’s hit best-seller lists, been short-listed for the Man Booker twice, and earned a devoted following among readers and critics.

David’s ambitious new novel, The Bone Clocks, unfolds through the perspectives of five different narrators. From a run-away teenager to an Iraq War journalist to an immortal being with supernatural powers. They all cross paths with a malevolent cult, whose members have found a way to gain immortality by taking other human lives. The action spans half a Century – from the 1970s to the near future, after the collapse of civilisation.

David Mitchell joined Grace Nye to talk multiple realities, master plans, easter eggs, and her own path to his work. Originally broadcast 11/06/15. The Bone Clocks is out through Hachette.


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