Sarah Waters Interview

14 Nov, 2015 by

Sarah Waters Interview

England in the post-war 20s saw a generation missing many of its men, and a rising group of clerks and professionals edging up against the more rigid class distinctions of the 1800s. In this period of change, a woman and her mother, fallen from their comfortable position, take in a pair of lodgers – paying guests. But while they expect it to change their daily routine, they can’t begin to imagine how much it will upend their lives, or that this simple act could lead to murder.

Sarah Waters broke onto the literary scene with the wonderful Victorian era novel, Tipping the Velvet. Since then she’s explored class, intimacy, and sexuality over different periods of England, teasing out what it has meant to sit apart from the norm in times that weren’t open to difference. Her latest novel, The Paying Guests, brings Sarah’s brilliant language and sense of observation to the 20s.

While Sarah Waters was in town for the Brisbane Writers’ Festival, she joined Sky Kirkham in the studio. Originally broadcast 29/10/15. The Paying Guests is out through Hachette.


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