Andrew P Street Interview

17 Nov, 2015 by

Andrew P Street Interview

When Tony Abbott won the 2013 election, it was against a Labor party that had been so wracked by internal division that it seemed likely a small baby goat could have led the coalition to victory. But despite that background, and despite a split Senate that suggested the Australian public still had significant concerns about his leadership, Abbott choose to lead as though granted the mandate of the people.

The government lurched from faux pas to faux pas – or captain’s call to captain’s call – and once or twice even managed to pass some legislation. But as poll after poll showed an electorate with deep buyer’s remorse, it was only a matter of time before the Liberal party followed Labor’s lead and committed the horrifying(ly) common act of knifing a first-term Prime Minister.

Thus ended the reign of Tony Abbott and began The Short and Excruciatingly Embarrassing Reign of Captain Abbott the new book by Andrew P. Street.

Andrew joined Sky Kirkham to talk about policy decisions, forgotten history, and the complexity of talking politics in Australia. Originally broadcast 05/11/15. The Short and Excruciatingly Embarrassing Reign of Captain Abbott is out via Allen & Unwin.


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