Charlotte Wood Interview

17 Nov, 2015 by

Charlotte Wood Interview

A young woman wakes up in an austere room, groggy from drugs, and unsure where she is. Orderlies shave her head and lead her outside, where she joins a group of similarly confused, similarly shaved women. They’re led – force-marched really – across a barren landscape, and shown the electric fence that marks the limits of their new home. Their new prison. Because these women have something else in common. Each of them was involved in a sex scandal, or a public case of sexual harassment – and someone, someone powerful, wants them out of the way.

The Natural Way of Things is the new novel by Charlotte Wood, and while it’s as nuanced and delicate as her best work, it’s also a cry of rage – against the misogyny that marks the daily lives of too many women in this country.

Charlotte talked to Sky Kirkham about the real story that inspired the book, the importance of nature, and being trapped in the mood of the story. Originally broadcast 05/11/15. The Natural Way of Things is out through Allen & Unwin.


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