Jerry Grayson Interview

18 Nov, 2015 by

Jerry Grayson Interview

Imagine the skill and precision it must take to be a stunt pilot in an action film. Piloting a helicopter through a narrow space, timed explosions going off around you. It isn’t just dangerous – you’ve got to be accurate to the second or you could ruin the shot. Jerry Grayson has been that pilot – on the Bond films, on Black Hawk Down, on a range of other movies.

But those are far from his most tensest moments. Now imagine hovering in place over 90 foot waves, in cyclonic winds, as your team tries to rescue the crew of a yacht that’s barely surviving the storm. Before his career in movies – Jerry was a Search and Rescue pilot for the Royal Navy. In fact, he’s the most decorated peacetime pilot in history.

From the tricks of landing on aircraft carrier, to the challenges of chasing a submarine across the ocean Jerry Grayson has shared his stories in a new memoir, Rescue Pilot.

Jerry chatted with Sky Kirkham about landing on aircraft carriers, the Fastnet rescue, and the new adventure of public speaking. Originally broadcast 12/11/15. Rescue Pilot is available through Bloomsbury.


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