Sarai Walker Interview

17 Dec, 2015 by

Sarai Walker Interview

Plum is an ordinary girl. She works at a job she kind-of likes, for a company she kind-of doesn’t. She spends her time at the local café and worries too much about her weight.

Plum is not an ordinary girl. She replies to letters sent to a magazine aimed at teenage girls, but her employers don’t want her in the building. She is saving for surgery, waiting for her true life as a thin person to begin. She is being followed by a striking young woman.

And Plum is about to find life a whole lot more complex – as she meets the heiress to a weight loss empire and becomes entangled with the guerilla group – “Jennifer”, who are waging war against the mistreatment of women.

Dietland is the debut novel by Sarai Walker, it’s a dark and funny echo of our own world that loudly shouts – Enough!

Sarai spoke to Sky Kirkham when she was in town for the Brisbane Writers Festival. Originally broadcast 12/11/15. Dietland is out through Black Inc..


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