Drusilla Modjeska Interview

17 Dec, 2015 by

Drusilla Modjeska Interview

How do you tell the story of your life? How do you pinpoint the moment that shaped the person you are now? Should you even try?

Drusilla Modjeska decided to start in the middle. Second Half First begins at a low point: a difficult relationship and an uncertain reaction to the milestone of forty. Because while we tend to assume when we’re younger that we’ll have everything pretty locked down by that fourth decade, life has a tendency to be messy. And not only do we begin to face our own mortality, but we need to deal with the far more pressing mortality of our parents.

But if life isn’t settled, that also means there are still exciting adventures to go on, new friends to find, And for Drusilla, new tales to tell.

Drusilla talked to Sky Kirkham about memoir, feminism, and SEAM. Originally broadcast 19/11/2015. Second Half First is out through Random House.


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