Kelly Link Interview

23 Dec, 2015 by

Kelly Link Interview

The short story feels like it’s undergoing a popular renaissance at the moment, but Kelly Link has been showing us what the form is capable of since the 90s. Kelly¬† has won a Hugo, three Nebulas and a World Fantasy Award for her work, and published 3 previous collections of her stories.

Get in Trouble is Kelly Link’s first collection for adults in almost a decade, but it’s been worth the wait. From ghost stories in space, to sex tapes and regrets of the rich and famous – from the present day, to realities just to the side of our own, Kelly allows us a fleeting glimpse into worlds that feel like they continue to exist long after the story we’re reading ends.

Kelly spoke to Sky Kirkham. Originally broadcast 05/02/2015. Get in Trouble is out through Text Publishing.


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