David Vann Interview

23 Dec, 2015 by

David Vann Interview

David Vann is the closest thing we have to a regular on this show – this is his third visit – and it’s down to two things. First, David is prolific – there is a new release every year. And second, David is brilliant. His work burns, with anger, with fear, but most importantly with compassion. With an understanding of the struggle to keep your humanity, and sometimes lose. Last time we spoke, David explained that his next book, Aquarium, would be the first not based on his own life, and also a happy book. Both statements were… partially true.

Every day, after school, Caitlin visits the aquarium, while she waits for her mother, Sherry, to finish work. At home, she lives a fairly Spartan existence with her single mother, a loving parent, but one whose past is sealed. And while Caitlin is well cared for, she’s terrified of losing Sherry and longs for a larger family. But when that opportunity does come along, it brings with it a painful cost.

David Vann joined Sky Kirkham at the Byron Bay Writers Festival to discuss children, editing, and fish. Originally broadcast 03/09/2015. Aquarium is out through Text Publishing.


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