Shirley Barrett Interview

8 Feb, 2016 by

Shirley Barrett Interview

Mary Davidson is the eldest daughter of a whaling family in the town of Eden. It’s been a difficult season, and the whole town is under pressure, but things get far more complex for Mary when a new man shows up in town, looking for work on the boats.

Whaling has a deservedly bad rap these days, but in the early days of the 20th Century, it was a major industry in Australia – and for shore based whalers, that meant chasing after one of the biggest creatures in the world, in a rowboat. But the whalers of Eden had a secret weapon – a pod of orcas who would join them in the hunt.

Shirley Barrett is an award winning Australian film maker, who’s embarked on a new career path, exploring one of Australia’s most unique stories in her debut novel, Rush OH!

Shirley talked to Sky Kirkham about the orcas of Eden, discovering history, and finding new approaches to story-telling. Originally broadcast 26/11/2015. Rush OH! is out through Pan Macmillan.


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