Judy & Tim Sharp Interview

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Judy & Tim Sharp Interview

After Tim was born, and he and his mother Judy left the hospital, she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t stop crying. For days. For weeks. For years. And then, at the age of three, Tim was diagnosed with autism. The medical profession still may not know everything about autism, but it’s apparently come a long way since the early 90s. When Tim was diagnosed, that first specialist told Judy that there was little hope. He would never progress much further, would lose what language he had, and would never love another human. Fortunately, Judy had a lot more faith in Tim than that specialist did.

These days, Tim Sharp is a world renowned artist. The creator of vibrant, colourful works, often featuring his character Laser Beak Man, Tim’s art has been found at the National Museum of Australia, the Opera House, the Powerhouse, and has been auctioned to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. And Judy is much more than just a proud mother. She’s written a remarkable memoir telling the story of her life, and of the success of her children, Tim and Sam – A Double Shot of Happiness.

Judy and Tim joined Sky Kirkham to talk about their remarkable success story. Originally broadcast 18/06/2015. A Double Shot of Happiness is out through Allen & Unwin.


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