Jeff Koehler Interview

8 Feb, 2016 by

Jeff Koehler Interview

Earl Grey. Russian Caravan. English Breakfast. When you settle the leaves into your tea pot, or dunk your teabag into the cup, how much thought do you give to what those labels mean? To how the leaves got there?

From Spanish silver to opium wars, smuggling, and exile, it’s been a long journey from the tea fields of ancient China to the supermarket shelves of today.

For tea connoisseurs, one label stands above all the others: Darjeeling. The name signifies quality, but how did a mountainous region in India become synonymous with the world’s best tea?

Jeff Koehler has written four cookbooks, and his articles on food and travel have appeared everywhere from NPR to Gourmet. In his new book, Darjeeling, Jeff hunts down the exciting history of the peaceful brew.

Jeff spoke to Sky Kirkham. Originally broadcast 03/12/2015. Darjeeling is out via Bloomsbury.


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