David Astle Interview 2015

8 Feb, 2016 by

David Astle Interview 2015

From Sophocles to JK Rowling, riddles have been an important part of literature – but what is it about the form that so tickles the imagination? And how much do the puzzles change across time or across cultures?

When he was last on the show, David Astle was out to give us the history of the crossword. Now he’s turned his hand to the riddle with two new books. In Riddledom, David takes on 100 riddles from across the globe, giving us the story behind the puzzles. And in Wordburger, David takes on the harder task of teaching kids how on earth to solve cryptic crosswords – rather a handy trick for adults too.

David Astle talked to Sky Kirkham about classic riddles, wordplay, and even explains homophones. Originally broadcast 10/12/2015. Riddledom is out via Allen & Unwin.


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