Kathryn Harkup Interview

8 Feb, 2016 by

Kathryn Harkup Interview

A is for Arsenic, B is for Belladonna, C is for Cyanide…

Agatha Christie killed more people with poison than even the worst serial killers, but she kept it safely between the covers – doling out punishment to fiendish murderers as her clever detectives read the signs: A lingering odour. A suspicious heart-attack. A final dinner cleaned away too quickly.

Science is used loosely, at best, in most detective fiction – from the magical computers of CSI to the intuitive leaps of the latest thrillers. But Christie knew what she was doing. Her poisons were true, and the evidence they left was surprisingly accurate.

In A Is For Arsenic, Kathryn Harkup, a research chemist herself, explores the poisons of Agatha Christie.

Kathryn talked to Sky Kirkham about the Christie’s background, the history of toxins, and the way the bound the stories together. Originally broadcast on 21/01/16. A Is For Arsenic is out via Bloomsbury.


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