Tony Park Interview

9 Feb, 2016 by

Tony Park Interview

At the same time a retired mercenary, Sonja Kurtz, is in Vietnam – on a secret mission of revenge – her daughter Emma, an aspiring archaeologist, is in Namibia working on a dig. But when Emma and her team discover a much more recent find than they expect, a murder victim from the 1980s, she finds herself in danger from a long-hidden conspiracy, and they stories of the two women seem set to converge.

An Empty Coast is the 12th novel by Tony Park, and one of the few that revisits one of his earlier characters. Tony’s a Sydney boy, but these days he splits his time between Australia and South Africa, where he lives on the edge of the Kruger National Park. Tony’s passion for nature, and for conservation shine through in his books and lend a unique angle to his tales of adventure.

Tony joined Sky Kirkham to discuss thrillers, personalities, and conservation success stories. Originally broadcast 28/01/16. An Empty Coast is out through Pan Macmillan.


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