Martin McKenzie-Murray Interview

9 Feb, 2016 by

Martin McKenzie-Murray Interview

In 2004, Rebecca Ryle was murdered, her body left on the grounds of a primary school in the outer suburbs of Perth. The details of the murder didn’t hold a lot of mystery. The who. The how. The where and the when were all wrapped up very quickly. But the why… the why remained. And it still remains. James Duggan has never offered an explanation as to why he killed Rebecca.

That lingering question was part of the attraction for Martin Mckenzie-Murray, who has examined the case in his debut book, A Murder Without Motive. He talked to the family, to the police, to the friends on both sides, searching for answers about what led to that day, and what grew from it. He also examines the culture around James. The culture around many of us as we grow up in Australia. Of listless days and casual violence, that never quite crosses the same line, but maybe flirts with it.

Martin is the Chief-Correspondent at The Saturday Paper, and a former speech-writer and Fairfax columnist. He spoke to Sky Kirkham about the case, suburban ennui, and avoiding the traps of true-crime. Originally broadcast 04/02/2016. A Murder Without Motive is out via Scribe.


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