Simon Winchester Interview

9 Mar, 2016 by

Simon Winchester Interview

It’s a familiar expanse for any Australian on the East Coast – the Pacific Ocean, rolling away into the distance. A scene for family picnics, beach cricket, surfing, or scuba-diving. But what we see is an almost unimaginably small part of the whole. A rock at the base of Everest.

The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest body of water, and thus the world’s largest zone full-stop. It contains the biggest mountains, the deepest crevices, the weirdest wildlife and it has played witness to some of histories key moments. So how do you sum it all up.

In Pacific, Simon Winchester chooses 10 key aspects from recent history and takes us, with a hop, a skip, and a jump from the atomic tests to the rise of surfing, cyclones to the emerging power of China.

Simon joined Sky Kirkham to talk about the history of Bikini Atoll, the impact of Gidget, and what lies in store. Originally broadcast 25/02/16. Pacific is out through Harper Collins.


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