Christine Kenneally Interview

9 Mar, 2016 by

Christine Kenneally Interview

How much do you know about the generations that came before you? That combined to create you? You probably know your parents, and maybe your grandparents, but how many stories do you have about your great-great-great grandparents? All 32 of them. And yet that’s only 5 generations ago, and many of the physical characteristics, even some of your personality traits can be traced back far further.

What makes us who we are? Our skin colour, our eyes and hair, even our likelihood of getting sick – it’s all passed down in our DNA – coded strands of information that link us to our parents, and their parents, and back through history. As we learn more about DNA, scientists are becoming able to unlock the secrets of history, of migration and culture, through the strands running through us today. But they’re also finding that history has a strange way of making itself felt, generations later, even if it doesn’t touch those genetic markers.

Christine Kenneally is an award-winning journalist and author, and in The Invisible History of the Human Race she gives a human face to the science and history, and take us on an engaging tour of what it means to be part of an ever-growing branch of the human family.

Christine talked to Sky Kirkham about genealogy, DNA, and the history of England. Originally broadcast 25/02/16. The Invisible History of the Human Race is out through Black Ink.


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