Anne Tiernan Interview

9 Mar, 2016 by

Anne Tiernan Interview

It’s been a turbulent time for politics in Australia – five Prime Ministers in five years, two one-term state governments. A revolving door of Premiers in NSW. What’s behind the turmoil? Is it all a matter of fractious individuals and poor policy choices? Or is there a deeper problem at the root of government?

Dr Anne Tiernan is a professor in the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University and the co-editor of the latest edition of the Griffith Review. And in her essay, Beyond the Nadir of Political Leadership, Anne examines the systems around our leaders.

Anne spoke to Sky Kirkham about partisan advisers, the public service, and Malcolm Turnbull. Originally broadcast 03/03/16. Griffith Review 51: Fixing the System is available via the Griffith Review.


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