Andrew Fowler Interview

9 Mar, 2016 by

Andrew Fowler Interview

Journalism – the fourth estate. Holding the powerful to account and bringing us the stories that matter. At least in theory. With newspaper circulations declining, revenue falling precipitously, and public broadcasters under financial and political pressure, the future of the industry is in serious question.

In the latest issue of the Griffith Review, Andrew Fowler examines the financial woes of a sector that talks a lot, but rarely about its own problems. It’s an excerpt from Fowler’s larger examination of the industry in his book – The War on Journalism.

Fowler himself knows that world inside-out. In Australia alone he’s worked for the The Australian, The SBS, Channel 7, and most prominently for the ABC.

Andrew chatted with Sky Kirkham about classifieds, reporting, and public broadcasters. Originally broadcast 03/03/16. Griffith Review 51: Fixing the System is available via the Griffith Review.


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