Martin Lindstrom Interview

29 Mar, 2016 by

Martin Lindstrom Interview

There is more information available to us now than to any people who have ever lived. The internet collapses space, makes available the answer to almost any question. Online purchases, metadata, and customer loyalty schemes provide the same function for businesses. And as they collect more and more information about their customers, big data has become king.

But is big data the most effective way to find out what the individual wants? Martin Lindstrom has used a very different approach to help build and rebuild some of the biggest brands in the world – as diverse as Lego and Jenny Craig – he does it by studying the individuals within a community – something he calls Small Data.

Martin spoke to Sky about the emotions of marketing, the two perceptions of age, and some rather surprising case studies. Originally broadcast 24/03/16. Small Data is out through Hachette.


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