Patrick Dewitt Interview

29 Mar, 2016 by

Patrick Dewitt Interview

Lucien Minor, or Lucy, hasn’t had a lot of success so far in his life. An unremarkable man, in an unremarkable village, he lacks ambition and social graces. Even his mother doesn’t seem very fond of Lucy, particularly after his father dies.

When the local priest offers Lucy a job in a distant town serving under the Majordomo of the resident Baron, he jumps at the opportunity. But life in a castle is nothing like Lucy expected: an undefined war rages in the distance, the baron is mysteriously absent, and there’s a good reason Lucy is warned to lock his door each night. Still, against this mysterious backdrop, Lucien may have a chance to figure out who he is and maybe even fall in love.

Undermajordomo Minor is the third book by Patrick DeWitt, and it follows on from The Sisters Brothers, which was short-listed for the Man Booker, and won a fistful of awards in Canada.

Patrick talked to Sky Kirkham about lies, pointlessness, and romantic love. Originally broadcast 24/03/16. Undermajordomo Minor is out via Allen & Unwin.


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